Hill Policies

Release of Liabilty

In consideration of the acceptance of the right to participate, entrants and participants of the execution of the pass, release and discharge Echo Valley Ski & Tubing Area, Lake Chelan Ski Club, Chelan Lions Club, Lions Club International and its officers, employees and anyone else connected to the management of this facility from any and all damages known and unknown, injuries, losses, judgments, and claims from any causes whatsoever that may be suffered by an entrant to his or her own person or property.

Snow Tubing Responsibilty Code

Injury to Patron Plan

  1. If a Patron is injured nodify the Manager.
  2. If you are the lift operator stop the lift befor you leave your post to offer help to our patron.
  3. Do not stop where you obstruct a track or are not visible from above.
  4. If offering help to a patron you must introduce yourself as someone trained in first aid. If you are a current first aid card carrier, if not, wait for someone who is.
  5. Ask if you may assist them.
  6. Put on personal protective equipment, such as gloves, if necessary.
  7. Plan of action option based on assessment of injury.
    1. CALL 911 IF APPLICABLE -then either:
    2. Stabolize the injured patron, wait for an ambulance, or transfer off of hill with a sled.
    3. or take injured patron into first aid room.
    4. or take injured patron into the lodge.
    5. Find/Notify parent or guardian.
  8. Get an incident Reporting Form and fill in with injured person's name, address, phone number, date, details of what happened and snow conditions and what first aid was given.